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How can we support our child's participation in Football?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Everyone wants their child to be successful in sports and other activities, but this can cause little ones to lose their ability to perform.

Parents should support the process, not the end result. Parents should not focus on the outcome but rather help their children improve their football skills and have fun.

Elitism has decimated youth sports. It's a term that is too common and too frequently used. It is often misused, not justified and lacking supporting material.

Parents who can instill positive values in their children and demonstrate exceptional parenting skills are the ones that make them outstanding athletes and people. They help young people succeed in many areas.

It's not a title or a term that means you are an elite at something. An Elite at something is not a title, nor a term.

How often have you seen parents or other adults behaving badly in practice, or on the field during matches? It is important to remember this and work hard to be the best parent we can for your children.

These are just a few of the tips, information, and ideas we have accumulated along the way that might help your parents become elite football parents.


Parents should be supportive of their children, even when things go wrong. Parents can support their children by doing this and encourage them to be positive.

While watching a game, players can remain calm and focused. It's better to support the child rather than shouting commands from the sidelines. Be calm and direct instead.

Sometimes parents can get caught up in the excitement and become angry with their children or coaches. It will distract players and set a bad example.


  • Recall what it was like to be a child.

  • Remember the support you gave your child as an adult/parent.

  • Encourage positive attitudes and sportsmanship.

  • Remember that failure and success are both part of a child’s growth.

  • Footballer first!


  • Encourage your child to be an example for others.

  • Encourage and applaud children's effort and good behavior.

  • It's fun, and your children will soon become adults. It is important for them to enjoy it and not endure.

  • Do not get too focused on the final outcome of winning, losing or success. You should be focusing on the small steps, learning and development that will lead to success.

  • Don't criticize, but be supportive of the sideline. Sometimes enough is enough.


To support your child's football journey, it is important to share your thoughts about a game with them. This reflection should be shared with your child. Parents can look at the game differently. It is important for your child to reflect on the good and bad points.

Parents need to listen to their children, offer suggestions, and give input about how to improve.


  • Ask your child to share their experience with you and get their feedback. Next, move on to the next practice.

  • People can feel happy about winning but sad about losing.

  • You can give feedback by highlighting 2-3 points that you think they did well.

  • Encourage them to communicate with their coaches, teachers, fellow players, and encourage them to learn. Encourage them to take control of their football learning.

  • Ask them to make a list of bad practices and have them record it before they return home to 'bin it. It's rubbish.

Remember that your child's success in sports does not automatically make them better parents.

Be patient and be patient with them. They will grow. Trust us, the more you relax with them, they will show you their progress. Let's enjoy the long journey of football development.

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