Refine your game

UST Skills School is pleased to announce the development of a new small group skills programme, Refine your game. It is a complete soccer skills program aim to maximize the overall performance of individual holistic player's development.

The 60 minute program is heavily focussed on ball skills and technique that is often not taught in Soccer Schools and Academies. You can get up to 500% more ball touches and learn advanced technique that is not taught in Singapore. We value add and enhance what your child learn in soccer academy to make them a holistic player. Training in an competitive enviroment pushes each child to their fullest potential. Ball skills build confidence in a player, improve their first touch and elevate their game to the next level. If you are looking at improving ball skills, come and learn from the subject matter expert. Our trainers will break down complex skill moves and make it easy for kids to understand. Nobody does it better than us!