Soccer Skills School Singapore

UST Skills School is pleased to announce the development of a new individual soccer skills programme, UST Elite Skills Program. It is a complete soccer skills program aim to maximize the overall performance of individual holistic player's development.


The UST Elite skills program develops the main elements of the game including technical skills, SAQ (Speed, Awareness & Quickness) attributes and lastly improving their weaknesses and turn it into strength to help reach individual player’s full potential and maximize their gameplay.


Whether you are new to the game or a professional player, each training session is carefully structured to cater to each individual to reach his or her goal. 


The program is formulated by highly experienced Skills Specialist from the Urban Street Team. These Soccer Skills Specialists have more than 10 years of experience internationally. The UST Skills School blueprint consists of more than 100 moves ranging from the fundamental to the advanced moves to creatively execute it into gameplay. Apart from learning these skills and techniques, our program also include multi player situational progression and game situation drills, making your child a complete player!

Our Soccer Skills Specialists possess highly technical skills and also considered a pioneer in elite technical skills training in the region.


Mission: We are committed to develop young players at all ages to improve their soccer skills.