Soccer Skills School Singapore


Singapore's Top Soccer Skills Trainers

We take our clients seriously and we don't feel satisfied until our clients have achieved their goals. Our main asset will be our trainers; leading Skills Specialist in South East Asia equipped with all advance skills and technique. ALL Our Skills Specialists are able to demonstrate and break down the moves into simpler steps for our clients. 

Flexible Training Schedule and location

Our training sessions are carried out at 4 different training centres across the island. We have training slots daily to cater to all our client's schedule. We are just a click away to book a slot! 

Supplementary training

We are not a Soccer Academy or Soccer School. We specialise in providing technical skills training, something which most soccer schools does not focus on. On top of what they are learning in their respective schools, it will definitely supercharge your child's progress.

We guarantee results; 100%

That is a bold statement but we stick by our promise. Our main focus is to help our clients achieve their goals, nothing beats the feeling of making an impact in the development of our client. Still not convinced? Read our clients testimonials. The results are tremendous and will motivate you to take action today. 

Personalized attention

During the one hour session, all the drills and exercises are carefully devised for you. Whatever goals you have in mind, we will definitely give you the necessary attention to get you there. 

Effective, Creative and Fun workouts

The drills and exercises created by our Skills Specialists are aimed at creating a fun yet productive environment for training. When you are enjoying your training, you are more likely to be motivated to push yourself harder in each session. 

Variety of Training Equipment

As we treat our client's progress seriously, we have equipped our training centre with variety of training equipment to further aid their improvement.

Higher Intensity

Our aim is to maximise productivity during the hour session, Therefore every seconds counts. Our clients will receive up to 10 times more ball touches than a norma soccer practice. 

Detailed session plan

One size doesnt fit all! Each football session is customized according to our clients needs and goals.