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1 on 1 Football Coach that make you more confident than before

Absolute results in just 60 minutes.

Our Story

It has been a long journey. We started with this vision: To give every child the opportunity to become the best player they can be We soon realized that the problem was far more complex than we thought. Many of the soccer players in Singapore did not acquire the right technique or skills at an early age.

Typically in a soccer school setting, the training group size is large, the kids didn't get enough personal attention to the basics. At times, they were rushed to participate in competitions. Hence, Schools placed more emphasis on the collective aspect of the game instead. We recognized that this was a problem. They develop bad habits and become stagnant.

We believed that personal coaching would help footballers achieve their goals. Our program has helped hundreds of footballers at all levels to achieve their footballing dreams. Some are now playing in professional academies. Others are able play for the school they desire. Still others are able be physically stronger and live an active lifestyle.

1 on 1 Training Drill


What My Clients Have to Say

My son have been training under Coach Terry for 1.5 years and I can see vast improvements in his technical skills. He used to be in the 2nd team for the football academy but after the coaching, he is now training in the 1st team. The coaches helps to identify the areas that require improvements or you can discuss with the coaches on what to training areas to focus (e.g. juggling, shooting, dribbling, 1on1, etc) and they will ensure that the training is customised accordingly to the needs. Aside to high technical session, Coach Terry is very good with kids to ensure the training is effective and enjoyable. My son always looks forward to the training sessions. Highly recommended!!

Yih Wen

We have been with UST school, for about a year and half. It has been a very fruitful journey for my son and us. The individual attention given to the child makes a lot of difference. Would recommend it for kids who want to perfect their skills!

Tuhina Agarwal

Our 10 year old son started with Terence and Terry when he was about 7 years old when we were based in Singapore. His progress over those 3 years has been great to see. From basic of how to run properly, ball juggling with both feet, to the various skills he can do with the ball. Our son Ethan can use both his feet be it dribbling, shooting or even crossing the ball and that is why his current school and football academy in the Philippines actually use him as a right and left winger respectively. Aside from the quality of coaching and training, what really endeared Terence and Terry is the way they treated our son. They were able to connect with our son that is both challenging, demanding but comforting at the same time. We know that our son is in a safe environment when he does his 1:1 sessions with UST. They have built our son’s confidence by telling him the truth on what he does right, what he does wrong and what could be better plus taking time to explain to him why things are done to develop his football IQ. There is no sugar coating from them as they genuinely care for each and everyone of their students. We owe Terence and Terry a lot. As we have moved to the Philippines recently, one thing we regret leaving Singapore is the fact that our son will not be able to continue his journey with Terence and Terry. I think from the length of our feedback you know that our experience with them have been EXTREMELY PLEASURABLE.

Elmer Yanga


220 turf club road 288001


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